Cancer Research UK – programme foundation awards

Cancer Research UK invites applications for its programme foundation awards. These aim to support exceptional non-clinical and clinical scientists to establish or further develop their independent research group, and offer applicants the opportunity to establish a reputation as a world leader in a cancer-relevant research field.

Research must fall within the following areas of the scientific remit:

•basic biological research;

•preclinical studies;



•radiotherapy research;

•engineering and physical sciences applied to cancer.

Applications will be accepted from scientists, clinicians or health care workers in UK universities, medical schools, hospitals and research institutions. Applicants must, at the time of the funding, be in a full-time post that is fully funded by the relevant national Higher Education Funding Council, the National Health Service or equivalent. Applicants should normally have completed between eight and 14 years of postdoctoral research experience.

The award provides six years of funding which may be used towards the stipends of postdoctoral researchers, technical staff and PhD students with associated running costs. Additionally, equipment can be requested up to a value of £50,000. Requests for funding up to a total value of £1.5 million will be considered.

Closing date: 2 September 2014


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