Health Innovation Challenge Fund

This is a parallel funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health to stimulate the creation of innovative healthcare products, technologies and interventions and to facilitate their development for the benefit of patients in the NHS and beyond.

The Health Innovation Challenge Fund invites applicants to apply for funding in any of the areas of special interest listed below. Please read the eligibility criteria thoroughly before applying.

Each £10m funding round will review and assess proposals from all themes. All applications are judged purely on merit. There are no funding quotas for individual themes (the list of which can be seen below):

  • Surgical technologies
  • Innovative diagnostics
  • Trauma and critical care medicine
  • Informatics to assist clinical decision making
  • Repurposing of technologies and medicines
  • Biological therapeutics

The 2014/15 timeline for Round 10 is:

Preliminary applications due:15 September 2014

Preliminary application shortlisting: 17 October 2014

Full applications due: 12 January 2015

Funding committee meeting: 16-17 April 2015

For further details and to apply please visit the funder’s website

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