The British Thyroid Foundation Evelyn Ashley Smith award

The British Thyroid Foundation invites applications for the Evelyn Ashley Smith award. This provides support to improve care for patients with thyroid disorders. Two awards are available:

•one award to help cover conference or training expenses, worth £500;

•one award to support a specific project lasting one year, to support an ongoing project or to reward a piece of completed, but still unpublished work, worth £1,000.

Nurses, endocrine nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals working in the area of thyroid treatment in the UK, may apply.

  • Closing date 01 Jul 15
  • Deadline information This call is repeated once a year.
  • Date added 10 Apr 15
  • Award type Personal development; Travel to conferences, meetings etc.; Directed grants for individual investigators
  • Award amount max £1,000
  • Award amount min £500

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