Medical Research Council – New investigator grants

These grants provide support for clinical and non-clinical researchers while they are establishing themselves as independent principal investigators. For those who already have an institutional post, it provides funding and protected time with which to establish an independent research career. The grant is also a potential source of research funding for fellows whose awards only cover a personal salary or limited research funds.

Applicants must hold a PhD, DPhil or an MD, have between three and 10 years postdoctoral research experience, and should be in their first lecturer appointment, hold a junior fellowship or be in a senior postdoctoral position. Applicants who are already based at any eligible UK research organisation and wish to conduct the research there, may also apply. Applicants may not hold or have previously held substantive research funding as principal investigators for three or more years.

Applicants may request support for the following: up to 64 per cent of the salary for the applicant; salary for the hours attributable to the project of any co-investigators; support for additional research or technical costs; consumables and equipment; travel costs; data preservation, data sharing and dissemination costs. Grants are tenable for three or more years, and MRC usually funds on the basis of 80 per cent of full economic cost to the applicant’s institution.

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