Wellcome Trust – Arts Awards

Arts Awards support the creation of new artistic work that critically engages artists and audiences with biomedical science. This includes all art forms and supports artists, scientists, curators, writers, academics, producers, directors and education officers.

Artists have a distinct approach to understanding and communicating ideas that can illuminate and challenge perceptions within society and therefore have an invaluable role to play in engaging the public with biomedical science. Arts Awards encourage creative collaborations between art and science. The Wellcome Trust believes that this exchange generates powerful, personal and visceral art and inspires interdisciplinary research and practice that brings benefits to artists and scientists alike.

You can apply for funding at two levels:

Small Arts Awards (small- to medium-sized projects – up to and including £40 000)
Small Arts Awards can support the R&D of new project ideas or ways of working, investigate and experiment with new methods of engagement through the arts, or fund or part-fund final production costs. Deadline: 4th March 2016

Large Arts Awards (larger projects – above £40 000)
Large Arts Awards can support full or part production costs for high-quality, large arts projects that aim to have significant reach or impact on audiences. Deadline: 17 Feb 2016

Large awards are primarily for applicants with a track record with the Wellcome Trust or Wellcome Collection; however, special cases can be made for teams with an excellent track record and a strong project idea where the initial research and development has already taken place.

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