Wellcome Trust – Development awards

Development Awards support the development of TV, radio, games or film projects that engage (as a whole or in part) with biomedical science and its impact on our lives in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way.

These awards fund people and organisations with brilliant ideas for TV, radio, games or film projects. We are keen to receive proposals in all genres, though we are particularly interested in series, format ideas and drama; multi-platform proposals are welcomed.

This funding will enable these ideas to be developed into high-impact, well-researched proposals that can be used to secure a broadcast/distribution platform and/or further funding. In some circumstances, development funds can be used for a project that is currently in production but which needs additional development/research to shape the final production.

Development funds can be used to create assets that shape or inform a proposal but which cannot be used for production. For example, funds might be used to undertake research or to support costs associated with enabling collaboration with scientists and researchers. Alternatively, they might be used to develop a script or treatment, create a taster tape or storyboard, build a game prototype, scope multimedia potential or wrap-around activities, or work up a comprehensive distribution plan.

Your project should primarily be aimed at a mainstream UK and/or Republic of Ireland audience in the first instance, although the subject matter can be international.

Please note that current affairs programmes are not eligible for Development Awards.

Development Awards are worth up to £10,000, for a maximum of one year. If you are looking for production funding, see their Co-production Awards to find out about the other ways the Wellcome Trust can support broadcasters.

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  1. When applying, we will ask you to select a funding area for your application. This will help us route your application to the appropriate grants team when it arrives at the Trust.

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