Call Now Open for BBSRC Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF) Bioimaging Grants

The BBSRC Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF) usually supports two calls for the pump-priming of research and development for the next generation of tools, technologies and resources required by biosciences researchers working within the BBSRC remit. However, the TRDF 2016 call will not be divided into two parts. A single themed call will incorporate elements that would have been included in TRDF1 and TRDF2. The 2016 call will specifically focus on bioimaging, incorporating technological development as well as software, bioinformatics and data analysis components of TRDF1 and TRDF2.

For the 2016 call, a total budget of approximately £2 million is available. Both EPSRC and MRC will consider co-funding TRDF applications that demonstrate innovation at the interface between the engineering and physical sciences and the health and life sciences.

The call is an opportunity to respond promptly to the increasing requirement for technological and software advances, and recognising the important role of engineering and physical sciences research in addressing these challenges. Proposals may be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in scope. The aims of the call are to:

  • Support small or short-duration, pump-priming (pilot) projects that enable excellent science in the field of bioimaging.
  • Encourage development of novel tools, technologies and methods, including novel software tools and computational approaches, relevant to bioimaging.
  • Develop and translate new and potentially disruptive fundamental engineering and physical sciences approaches into technologies relevant to life and health sciences research challenges.
  • Promote new collaborations between researchers from different disciplines directed towards the goals of the call.

The call is open to all institutions normally eligible for BBSRC funding. Projects should be between 6 and 18 months in duration, with a maximum of £150,000 (£187,000 fEC) is available for each project.

The closing date is 4pm on 23 November 2016.

Please note that applied medical imaging (eg technologies for direct clinical use) is out of scope for this call.

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