Dec 08

EPSRC Science Photo Competition 2016 – deadline 16 December

There’s just over a week left to submit entries to the EPSRC’s 2016 Science Photo Competition.  They are looking for images that demonstrate research in action.  Images can be submitted to any of the following categories:

  • Equipment and Facilities: Images of the equipment, facilities and tools used in your research.
  • Eureka and Discovery: Images that reflect that Eureka moment or new discoveries and understanding that arise from your research.
  • Innovation: Images of research that has inspired innovation or is related to commercial breakthroughs.
  • People and Skills: Images of people working as part of your research team, taking part in or affected by your research.
  • Weird and Wonderful: Unusual, eye-catching and bizarre images arising from your research.

The competition is open to EPSRC-supported researchers and doctoral students.

For more details and information about how to submit your entry, see the EPSRC’s website.

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