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AHRC Research Grants Scheme

The scheme is aimed at supporting well-defined research projects, so enabling individual researchers to collaborate with other individuals and organisations by carrying out high quality research in the arts and humanities.

Fund Information
Funding body: Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
Maximum value: £ 1,000,000
Application deadline: None specified

The scheme does not fund the employment of researchers who are registered for higher degrees unless the researcher is already of postdoctoral standing and:

  • The work of the higher degree is not an integral part of, and does not arise directly from, or feed directly into, the work of the project.
  • The salary costs sought are appropriate, and directly related to the actual time the postdoctoral researcher will spend working on the project.

The AHRC will only support project-based studentships in strategic and priority areas where there is demonstrable need for capacity building.

Terms and Conditions

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Quality and importance of the proposal (including the significance and importance of the project and the contribution it will make to increasing knowledge and understanding of the chosen area in a national or international context).
  • Calibre of people involved (including the quality and importance of work to date and ability to monitor the project and see it through to completion as stated in the application).
  • Project management (including whether the lines of responsibility and accountability are clearly set out and the amount of work and resources involved properly understood).
  • Value for money (including whether the likely outcome of the research represents value for money and the resources asked for are reasonable in the context of the proposed research).
  • Outputs, dissemination and impact (including the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed dissemination methods and how well the research process is documented in a manner which allows outcomes to be disseminated to the widest possible audience.
Application Procedure

Applications should be submitted via the cross-council Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) System. For assistance to use the system, applicants should contact the JE-S helpdesk.

The scheme does not have any formal deadlines and applications can be made at any time of the year. The assessment process for submissions takes approximately 30 weeks, and the earliest start date given on the application should be no earlier than nine months after submission to the AHRC.

Useful documents & links
Addresses and contacts

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

    Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
    Polaris House
    North Star Avenue
    SN2 1FL
    Tel: 01793 444164
    Email: grants@ssc.rcuk.ac.uk

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