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Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences

In November 2016, the AHRC and the creative, digital and design KTN successfully co-hosted three workshops. These were able to bring together the cultural and creative industries together with researchers, academics, businesses, institutions and trade associations. The aim of the workshops was to test the appetite for a challenge-led research programme for the creative economy, whilst generating ideas on challenges, and formulate a set of principles and design questions which would inform the development of the initiative/programme itself.

Immersive and interactive technologies were highlighted as a key challenge area in both our workshops and the ISCF engagement workshops. The AHRC are therefore launching this call on Immersive experiences in partnership with EPSRC. Both AHRC and EPRSC will be co-funding this call but we will also be exploring opportunities throughout the lifetime of this call to link up with ESRC and Innovate UK, and other UKRI funders.

Both the AHRC and EPSRC research communities are key to providing the research function for the UK’s Creative Industries. As such the AHRC working closely with the EPSRC and the RCUK Digital Economy Theme, is launching this call to develop a research programme to bring together organisations within the creative economy with researchers from both the arts and humanities communities and beyond to ensure that:

  • the UK’s world leading Creative Industries and research sectors are in a position to understand, experiment with, and exploit immersive technologies to create new experiences ;
  • the next generation of digital content and services can be conceptualised, produced and exploited within the UK Creative Economy.

This is not a technology-only research programme, nor one exploring interfaces but a programme to explore the new technology-enabled, multi-sensory, narrative, interpretative, and performance experiences that will drive future creative and commercial value. This will require interdisciplinary working between the Arts and Humanities and other disciplines from Psychology to Engineering, and inter-sector working between researchers, creative practitioners, and businesses.

Further details on the context and aims for, and scope of, the call, as well as further information on how to apply can be found in the Call Document. (PDF, 239KB)

Closing Dates

Closing Date: 05/10/2017

The application form for applications will be available in Je-S from early September 2017

In order to be considered under this call applications must be submitted by research organisations before 1600hrs on Thursday 5thOctober 2017.

How to make an application

You should submit your proposal using the Research Councils’ Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) System. The form will be available from early to mid-December 2016. To prepare a proposal form (from early to mid-December 2016) in Je-S log-in to your account and choose New Document, then select ‘AHRC’ as the Council, ‘Standard Proposal’ as the Document Type, ‘Development Grant’ as the Scheme, “Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences 04102018” as the Call/Type/Mode and then ‘Create Document’. Je-S will then create a proposal form, displaying the relevant section headings. Using the ‘Help’ link at the top of each section will provide guidance relevant to that section of the form.

Note that clicking ‘submit document’ on your proposal form in Je-S initially submits the proposal to your host organisation’s administration, not to AHRC. Please remember to allow sufficient time for your organisation’s submission process between submitting your proposal to them and the Call closing date.

All applications submitted under this call will be sent to a specially convened assessment panel, detailed in the Call Document under “Assessment Process”.

All applications will be checked for eligibility within the office. Any applications which do not meet the requirements in this call document will be rejected and will not proceed.

All applications which pass the eligibility checks by the AHRC will proceed.

Please ensure you read the complete Call Document before beginning your application.

Further Information

The Call Document (PDF, 239KB) provides further information on the context and aims for, and the scope of, the call as well as information on how to submit applications.

The AHRC Funding Guide provides an overview of the requirements for AHRC funding and the Call Document (PDF, 239KB)refers to this guide throughout.

The AHRC are running a series of engagement events in early July 2017 to cover this call. Details of these events can be found here

Following the events we’ll be producing an FAQ to cover questions raised at the event. This document will be added to the call page over the summer.


General enquiries regarding this call should be directed to the AHRC enquiries  team:

Specific Enquiries regarding this call should be directed to Thomas Trewhella:

The AHRC works with the UK Shared Business Services (SBS) to deliver all of our funding activities. Enquiries about Je-S registration and application process should be directed to JesHelp@rcuk.ac.uk or 01793 444164 and enquiries about submitting and completing the proposal form should be directed to grantsPostawards@ssc.rcuk.ac.uk or 01793 867121.

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