EPSRC – Establishing a NetworkPlus in Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security

For further info including deadlines see: https://epsrc.ukri.org/funding/calls/networkplustips/

EPSRC would like to establish a NetworkPlus to develop and build on industry-academic relationships in Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security (TIPS). This network will bring together relevant parts of the TIPS community and a variety of stakeholders, including the CyberInvest members and other users, to identify the key opportunities where industry-academic collaboration is needed, build collaborations and grow the area of research and innovation for the benefit of the UK.

It must involve a broad range of disciplines relevant to TIPS, including those beyond the purely technical elements, such as psychology, politics, legal and ethical studies among others. Non-academic stakeholders, including CyberInvest partners, will be essential participants. The NetworkPlus could undertake a variety of activities including workshops, events, feasibility studies, secondments and horizon scanning. Applicants are encouraged to be innovative in their approach.

We envisage supporting a single NetworkPlus that is UK-wide and from a consortium of Research Organisations, the main aim being to ensure the team has the appropriate depth, expertise and coverage across the full spectrum of the topic.

Up to £1.7 million (at 80 per cent fEC) is available for this call, to support one single NetworkPlus.

There will be a webinar on 18 October at 14:30 which will feature a presentation from EPSRC contacts and an opportunity to ask any questions. To register to participate, please complete the registration form embedded on this call page. Please note: registration for the webinar will close on 17 October 2018 at 17:00.