Feb 07 2014

ARMA Report: Achieving Research Impact

Research report on Achieving Research Impact, by Tim Hughes, Professor in Applied Marketing and Associate Head of Department Research & Business Engagement, Faculty of Business & Law, UWE Bristol.

“The emphasis on considering the impact of university research stems from a growing call for universities to demonstrate the value from the money that is allocated to them for research. The influential Lambert Review of Business University Collaboration (2003) made recommendations to achieve more effective collaboration between the science and business communities. In A Vision for UK Research, published in March 2010, the Council for Science and Technology stressed the need to fund research that adds to societal value in a context of the significant and increasing sums of money allocated to research – £1.3bn in 1997 to £3.9bn in 2010/11 [p.12]. Research Councils UK defines impact as both academic and economic/societal and applicants for Research Council funding are now required to outline the ways in which they will attempt to achieve economic/societal impact from their research (Research Councils UK website). Furthermore, emphasis has been put on impact through the 2014 REF (Research Excellence Framework) including a 20% score for impact case studies (REF 2014 website). In Europe, the 2020 Strategy includes impact as one of the key dimensions in the allocation of research funding and in the USA the STAR METRICS initiative is designed to monitor the impact of science investment (LERU, May 2012).”

Download Full Report: Achieving Research Impact Report Tim Hughes (Jan 2014)

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