Mar 19 2014

Funding opportunities in sculpture and local government – deadlines Friday

Funding opportunities within the areas of sculpture and local government close this Friday. Further details can be found below:

Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation invites applications for its conferences, lectures and publications grants.

These support conferences, lectures and publications in sculpture, including projects and exhibitions that expand the definition of sculpture, such as film, photography and performance. The foundation does not support projects dedicated to painting. A publication may be a book or a journal, but publication costs for exhibition catalogues or permanent collection catalogues will not be covered. Projects based in the UK may include the work of artists from any country, but overseas projects must contain a British component.

Up to £5,000 is available.

Applications will be considered quarterly. See below for a list of 2014 deadline dates:

  • 21 March
  • 6 June
  • 19 September
  • 1 December

Further information- http://www.henry-moore.org/grants/applying-for-a-grant1/grant-categories-list

Innovative Local Government Approaches to Generating Income and Wider Community Benefits through Sponsorship

The Institute for Local Governance is brokering this project through its Local Authority Research and Knowledge Exchange Programme


There are two principle aims of this research project:

  1. To explore the potential for the council to generate income through sponsorship; and
  2. To look into how working with businesses through corporate social responsibility objectives, can support improved well-being within our communities.


Gateshead Council continues to face unprecedented challenges, with significant reductions in Government funding, combined with increasing demands, particularly in relation to social care. Since 2010, the Council has reduced spend by £75m and there are 1,275 fewer people working for the organisation.

As a result of further reductions announced by Government in June 2013 as part of the Spending Review, and a subsequent consultation the Council anticipates having to bridge a further funding gap of approximately £45m over the next two years (2014-16).

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) for Gateshead Council sets out the need to consider ways of generating income, such as trading services or creating opportunities for sponsorship.


A framework for realising sponsorship opportunities is yet to be established within the Council. The Institute for Local Governance Brokered research project will, therefore, provide the necessary skills and experience needed to develop such a framework, based on research and evidence tailored to the specific circumstances found within Gateshead.

Research Objectives

The objectives of this research are to:

  • Look in depth at 2 or 3 services delivered by Gateshead Council and identify the possibilities for raising income through sponsorship.
  • Uncover best practice/innovative examples from different sectors and a wide geographical area on how income can be generated through sponsorship.
  • Identify links between the need for businesses to demonstrate corporate responsibility and sponsorship, including the potential benefits to the well-being of Gateshead Communities.
  • Implement a model framework that can be tested against each service area, through which all corporate sponsorship deals will have to comply with, ensuring a consistent approach is adopted, maximising the potential to generate income.

Core Research Questions

  • What is the potential for a public sector organisation to generate income through sponsorship?
  • What is the link between corporate responsibility and sponsorship?
  • How can sponsorship benefit wider communities?
  • How have organisations from a range of different sectors achieved successful revenue generation through sponsorship?

How will the research be undertaken?

The approach to this research project will be made up of three key elements:

  1. Researchers will undertake a desktop study of best practice examples of successful approaches to sponsorship that can be applied to the public sector and specifically to Gateshead Council. Where appropriate researchers will work with Council Officers, using their knowledge and experience of the sector.
  2. An in depth analysis of the three chosen Council services that this project will focus on, will be undertaken. This will include interviews with relevant service managers and other council employees.
  3. A seminar will be organised during the course of the project to invite ideas and opinions from stakeholders with relevant experience in this field of work.

Research Outputs

A sponsorship framework that can be applied to all Council Services.



Proposed Timetable

  • Bids to be received by 21st March
  • Interviews with Council officers and relevant service areas March/April 2014
  • Draft findings end May 2014
  • Final Report June 2014

Contact for further information:

Alex Cook, Senior Corporate Officer (0191) 433 2073

Bids to be sent to:


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